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  • Dynamic Billing Solutions
    for Organisations using Fixed Line Telephony

    Dynamic Billing Solutions help in migration of CDRs over the static environment of Fixed Line Telephony
  • Easy Import of CDRs
    from Different Switches to Facilitate the Billing

    Easy import of CDRs facilitate the process of billing generation by different switches
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Commenced in 2016, Mbillz was established with the sole purpose of delivering billing solution in order to facilitate the telecom organisations to function the Fixed Line Telephony. Located in London, UK and with headquarter located in India, Mbillz is a reputed software company which has a repute of several customers utilising the Mbillz billing and customer care service. With a dedicated support staff of 20 personnel, the company utilises their sheer experience into serving the clients in a much better way.


Our clientele base comprises of the fastest growing organisations in the telecommunication industry. All these organisations have one thing in common which is visualising Mbillz as the provider for the top notch resolutions that would assure the telecommunication industries to provide the best customer service.


Through the formulation of a planned partnership with the telecommunication pioneers for accounting, call logging, CRM solution systems along with the Helpdesk, our clients are able to take decisions and execute them with ease.


Whether they want to procure or take it on a rental agreement, Mbillz is able to make all the necessary equipments accessible to the customers through the billing and care stage. These equipments facilitate the customers to accomplish most tremendous expertise and development in the competitive world of telecommunications.

Mbillz Features

Significant aspects of MBillz features are creation of an all comprehensive system to process the billing system and customer care solution within a single package.

  • MBillz Products:

    MBillz products help to import CDRs from various switches thereby incorporating cross-portability features.

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  • MBillz Services:

    MBillz services help you to explore the best possibilities of your strong points.

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  • 24*7 Support Services

    You can subscribe for 24*7 support services offered by MBillz through login details provided by us.

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What is Mbillz

Mbillz is potential and user-friendly billing software. The telecom industry is highly facilitated by this kind of specific customer care solution and billing software and it has created a great revolution in the telecommunication market. Whether a business is centralised on the fixed Line, Mobile, Inbound Calls, Data, converged solutions or VoIP, we provide outstanding and reliable solutions for the customers along with the telecom companies. The software is designed to maximise your revenue effectively.
Unlike other significant billing solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of scalable systems. It will grow up with your expectation which is placed on billing. To make the billing process even quicker Mbillz allows you to line multiple CDR documents. It is quite important to stack by utilizing our cutting edge technology consecutively. The entire procedure decreases the time effectively that is taken to finish the charging cycle. The process is quite advanced which is undertaken additionally in the management reporting system. It prompts throughout the top to bottom inspection device being accessible. It empowers more prominent control for your business. Mbillz provides you a fully customised support for an enterprise solution. Mbillz assists the customers in different ways to help them to continue the process as the biggest telecom industry offers.

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Know More About MBillz

MBillz is your convergent billing solution. It provides you with wide flexibility for setting up the system.

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Mbillz Financial

Mbillz is interrelated with a wide range of performances than other significant billing process. Customer care system exists in its category. Some of the financial instruments are mentioned below which is already built in. We believe that are important for your proper business growth.

Full direct debit payments and reconciliation —

Mbillz allows the customers to organize themselves for paperless collection of direct debit. The instant debit feed is conveyed by the system to the collection agency or banking software after each bill runs particularly. Once the payments are sent to Mbillz, it is ready to load once again into this effective system. The necessary documents are reconciled in the ARUDD position. The procedure is quite helpful to highlight any type of major or minor payment which did not occur. It would put the invoice process as an extraordinary part, along with making a note in the system and in addition the credit control system is set forth for debt chasing.

Credit control —

Mbillz system comprises of an intensive and comprehensive inherent credit control system, integrating to the client payments. It offers you an exceptional facility to supervise the client requirement mail and also email obligation by pursuing the letters. It is basically sent directly from the recognized control system by configuring the fizzled instalment charges. The entire procedure is similar to a systematic Aged Debt report in Crystal Reports group. It can be set up in a number of configurations distinctively from Mbillz.

Case Studies

Surpassing customer desire is important to Mbillz. This is a prime reason that makes Mbillz the most obvious offering charging programming in the United Kingdom.
We are always happy to cater details of reference customers. You can get in touch with our sales team for further information.